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What is the future of agriculture on the Southern Gulf Islands?

The Southern Gulf Islands Economic Development Commission (SGIEDC) has identified agriculture as one of its seven strategic areas and secured Gas Tax and Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC (IAF) funding to support the development of a Food and Agriculture Strategy and supporting Agricultural Land Use Inventory (ALUI) and Agriculture Water Demand Model (AWDM) for the Southern Gulf Islands Electoral Area (SGIEA). The objectives of the Southern Gulf Islands Food and Agriculture Strategy are to:

  • Re-establish local food and agriculture as a vital part of the Southern Gulf Islands economy; and
  • Support and increase the long-term resiliency of the island communities in this unique area.

The desired outcomes are:

  • A sustainable and viable local agriculture industry;
  • Local community engagement that continues beyond the completion of the planning process:
  • Ownership of the outcomes of the process by the food and agriculture community to ensure the successful implementation of the recommendations;
  • A clear and robust roadmap for going forward that responds to the unique needs and situation of each island while providing a collective framework and approach for the archipelago; and
  • The establishment of a supported food and agriculture vision for the Southern Gulf Islands.