What’s an Ag Strategy?

An Agricultural Strategy guides governmental, organizational and public action, investment and practice with regards to agricultural activities and outputs. It is a blueprint to follow towards achieving the agricultural goals of the region.

What are the key questions in developing the Agricultural Strategy?

  • How can the local image of agriculture be promoted to increase public awareness and support for local food production?
  • How can the agriculture sector be strengthened through consultation processes including policy, planning and regulations?
  • How can local and regional organizations support producers?
  • How can local and regional organizations support the processing or adding of value and marketing of agricultural products?
  • What needs to be done to maintain and enhance agricultural production research?
  • How to increase production, revenues, and employment for the agriculture industry not only in the local market, but larger domestic and international markets?
  • How can food security be addressed?
  • How can the agriculture industry be differentiated from other regions in BC?